The company that revived the passion for coloured contact lenses.


Our story begins in 2011, with the desire to create a contact lens that blends perfectly with your iris to produce a more natural look. Since then, Qualimed has been dedicated to the complete design and manufacturing of coloured contact lenses and also developing products for third parties.

Qualimed is specialized in the research and development of innovative designs of cosmetic lenses offering unique and realistic patterns.

With the combination of exclusive designs with a wide range of diopter, Qualimed quickly become an essential protagonist in the world of optics at an international level.

Our company is not limited to the simple manufacturing of lenses, but thanks to a creative and operational flexibility of thought tries to bring new ideas to get to the creation of a medical device with high standards of quality and safety.

Qualimed has all the national and local certifications required to supply the international market where Desio brand products are distributed (United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, etc).

In fact, the fulfilment of the essential safety and quality, environmental protection and health were and continue to be our prerogative.

Today, thanks to the combination of all these elements, Qualimed expresses its identity through the Desio brand.