The materials used by Qualimed

The materials utilized by Qualimed colored contact lenses are manufactured using the following Hydrogel copolymers:


Hioxifilcon D

Hioxifilcon D material is the result obtained from the copolymerization of HEMA with Glycerol-methacrylate (HEMMA+ G.M.M.A). It ensures a water content of 54%, an increase in oxygen permeability, and maintains constant oxygen transmissibility during lens application.

The high percentage of glycerol present in Hioxifilcon D allows for perfect water balance, preventing tissue hypoxia. Additionally, clinical studies have confirmed that Hioxifilcon D material is optimal for all wearers experiencing alterations in the tear film caused by both low production and excessive tear evaporation.

Qualimed’s choice of Hioxifilcon D material aims to ensure that both emmetropic and ametropic wearers can apply colored contact lenses without discomfort, making them compatible with all ocular structures. This ensures the full utilization of its performance. Unlike other copolymers used in contact lenses, Hioxifilcon D is what has enabled the creation of colored contact lenses with iris designs faithfully replicating detailed colorations that have always distinguished Qualimed products.

This became achievable through the optimization of the contact lens manufacturing process, which relied on this material and the testing of coloring substances by a significant number of wearers.



Polymacon material has always been the preferred HEMA copolymer for the production of colored contact lenses because it ensures comfort regardless of the duration of their use, excellent dimensional stability, maintaining the original geometric dimensions constant, which may change depending on different usage and environmental conditions.