The characteristics of our coloured contact lenses


Qualimed is specialized in the manufacturing of Hydrogel coloured contact lenses. We offer a wide range of cosmetic contact lenses with different duration and use (daily, monthly and quarterly).

The design and colours are studied in detail, with an end goal to change the eye color naturally.

Qualimed offers prescription lenses for myopia and hyperopia. Qualimed also produces toric coloured contact lenses for astigmatism.


The wide range of Dioptric powers



In the case of myopic correction, powers vary from D-0,50 to a maximum power of D-13,00

in Dioptric intervals of 0,25 (up to D-6,00) and in intervals of 0,50 (from D-6,00 to D-13,00).



For hyperopia ametropic subjects,  the range of powers vary from D+0,50 to a maximum of D+6,00 in intervals of 0,25.


Toric for Astigmatism

We offer toric Hydrogel contact lenses for the correction of myopia or hyperopia associated with astigmatism.

The possibility of correcting the axis of astigmatism is available from 10° to 180° in steps of 10°.

Toric lenses are designed to remain stable on the eye using the prismatic or stabilizing system “Prism Ballast” that creates a necessary stability for the alignment of two different curves on the same cornea.

The materials

Qualimed offers two types of material, within the structure a percentage of water.


Hioxifilcon D

 Hioxifilcon D material is obtained from copolymerization of HEMA with Glycerol methacrylate. The 54% water content guarantees during the hours of use increased permeability of oxygen for a perfect tolerance benefit. The achieved success of Hioxifilcon D lenses applies to all users. But especially for Emmetropic and/or ametropic, that suffers from alterations of tear film that usually lead to foreclose absolutely or partially the use of contact lenses. The introduction in contactology copolymer HEMA Glycerol led to resolve positively critical applications also related to dry eye syndrome or the alteration of the tear film is due that from excessive evaporation. By choosing Hioxifilcon D, the company wants to ensure that all those who choose colored contact lenses, can wear them for as long as you want without realising a lens is on their eye.


water content


The copolymer Hydrogel material, HEMA, has been classified by FDA as non-ionic. Among the advantages, protein deposits rarely form and the lens holds a high ratio of water balancePolymacon material is characterized by high elasticity and it allows the lens to restore and maintain the primitive shape after being deformed.


water content

Advantages of our lenses