Production process


Qualimed closely monitor the production processes including the assembly, quality control, packaging, sale and the product delivery. In order to continuously improve products, Qualimed’s always uses the latest technology and services.

Qualimed pays particular attention to detail, uses creativity in the design and maximum effort in production and quality control.


Production process Cast molding

During the injection molding process, the material in its liquid state is injected into molds then cooled and removed.

Daily, monthly and quarterly color contact lenses are produced with this processing technique.

The finished mold is a combination of cast iron mold and lathe cut. The lathe cut gives the power to the lens.


Production process

  • Stencil coloring
  • Stencil drying
  • Insertion of the raw material
  • Stencil coupling
  • Polymerization
  • Separation of lenses
  • Lens inspection
  • Insertion into the blister
  • Blister sealing
  • Sterilization
  • Labeling and packaging


Each line is presented using luxurious and elegant packaging designs, which enhances the aesthetic qualities while maintaining the rigor of a medical device.